ets card authorisation

The ets card authorisation software can authorise debit cards 24/7. For the bank’s own cards it supports card and account validation, the communication protection and backend interface processing for the following functions:

  • withdrawals of own and other domestic and international ATMs
  • payments at domestic and international POS terminals as well as ecCash Offline terminals and POS EMV terminals
  • deposits at own ATMs
  • transfer of money to the prepaid debit card (“Geldkarte”) at own and other terminals as well as via internet
  • transfer of money to a prepaid mobile phone card at ATMs
  • display of account balances at an ATM
  • authorisation of the login at self-service terminals and statement printers
  • processing of advice messages
  • send locks and retry counter to acquirer gateway
  • initiate text-message service (SMS) in case of card usage

The authorisation process is currently supported by magnetic strips and chip versions SECCOS 5.0 and SECCOS 6.0.